CO.M.I.R. INDUSTRIAL S.A. official distributors southern African region for the range of COLUMBIA strapping tools which incorporates MEGA PACKAGING of Italy


The M.J. Maillis Group was founded in 1968, and has been involved in the manufacturer and distribution of end of line industrial packaging solutions. It offers complete solutions, covering both the heavy-duty and light packaging markets and serves all industrial applications.

The Maillis group serves customers in more than 52 countries worldwide, through a network of 27 owned affiliate companies and more than 350 independent distributors. This makes it the second largest packaging company in the world.

Following in the footsteps of our associated company CO.M.I.R. s.r.l. in Italy, the South African division was established in 2000. The focus in the early years was the introduction of the range of COLUMBIA strapping tools from Italy to the local market having a proven track record of reliability and acceptable maintenance cost on the complete range of strapping tools.

We at CO.M.I.R. INDUSTRIAL S.A. cc are proud to be part of this organization, being the official distributors for the southern African region, for the range of COLUMBIA strapping tools which incorporates MEGA PACKAGING of Italy. We welcome any enquiry for your end of line packaging challenges, the expert in that particular field will be brought in to access the requirements, the line will be manufactured in Milan, Italy, delivered and commissioned by factory trained staff then maintained by our local staff.

In today's world with the height of electronic communication most of the system analysis are conducted and repaired remotely saving unnecessary training when it is not required, With considerable ongoing investment in semi-automatic and fully-automatic machinery, as well as hand tools and highly efficient sealing and wrapping solutions, a totally focused approach ensures complete product compatibility and consistency of consumer supply.

Planned maintenance programs and scheduled service of all machinery supplied is also offered to minimize costly machine downtime and maintenance costs.

Designing, developing and then manufacturing packaging systems that continually exceed the expectations of the customers is all part of the service.

Please contact us to arrange a viewing of the types of packaging systems available and it will be our privilege to be of continued service to your company.

We at CO.M.I.R. have always been abreast of technological research and development and can therefore provide a wide range of packaging products and equipment that will satisfy both big and small industries.